Fore Seasons Golf Club
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Vector Pro Launch System

The user-friendly Vector Launch System is one of the most precise instruments available in ball launch technology. It gauges launch angle, ball speed, back spin, side spin and side angle of every shot and can be used indoors or outdoors, on left or right handed golfers. The new video swing analysis software supplements the fitting software and allows teaching professionals and fitters to analyze the results of swing or equipment changes on actual performance. The easy to read data translates into increased, accurate knowledge of equipment and swing.

The new video swing analysis makes it even easier to detect differences in performance by visually reviewing each swing On-screen annotation allows teachers to quickly provide lesson points and note swing modifications Vectors digital image capture system uses high quality optics and an exact timing system with a baseline accuracy of less than one microsecond. Vector automatically recalibrates after each shot to ensure the data is always accurate.

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